The promoters of Al Baddya Medical Equipment have more than 3 decades of active exposure to the trade sector in UAE. Having such experience in multi-product trade, the promoters have now added medical equipment products to their existing portfolio. As a one-stop-shop for various kinds of medical equipment in UAE, we help various healthcare providers offer their patients with world-class treatment equipment like rehabilitation equipment, radiology equipment and treatment tables. Get in touch with us to know more on how we can help you with our products and services.

  • Raphael 01M 707 Table Full

    Width: 710mm
    Length: 1,845~2,245mm
    Elevation range: 590~890mm
    Weight: 135kg
    Power: AC 220V or 110V(Option) / 60Hz 150W
    Permitted safety weight: 120kg

    Being able to Decompress, Drop, Autoflex, 01M707 Table is the world-class of art integrated table. Globally, it has helped to treat muscular-skeletal area (non-surgical method) during last half decade exporting to countries such as US, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Hong Kong and Arab Emirates. Introducing brand new model just released!

  • G3-1 Gynaecology Table

    Width: 490mm (Based on bottom seat)
    Length: 1,780mm (w/leg seat)
    Elevation range: 530~930mm (Based on bottom seat)
    Weight: 110kg
    Power: AC 220V / 60Hz
    Permitted safety weight: 125kg
    Section adjustment method: Electric motor operation
    Intended use: Electric gynecologicals table for ob/gyn
    option: Leg seat

    High quality gynecologicals Examination table succeed in localisation to cope with foreign brands.

  • G5-1 (LDR BED for the whole family)

    Width: 920mm (Based on frame), 800mm (Based on Mat)
    Length: 1,535mm (w/o leg seat), 2,310mm (w/leg seat)
    Elevation range: 570~930mm
    Weight: 180kg
    Reverse Trendelenburg: 15°
    Back support reclining: 70°
    Bed top lifting: 570~930mm
    Power: AC 220V / 50, 60Hz
    Permitted safety weight: 135kg
    Section adjustment method: Electric motor operation
    Intended use: Electric LDR bed for ob/gyn
    option: Memory system

    Well designed and long lasting LDR bed to enable mother to labor and recover in one bed. It helps mothers to give birth in convenient position through bed’s various control system.

  • M3-1 Electric Examination Table

    Width: 770mm
    Length: 1,860mm
    Ascending / Descending height: 550~900mm
    Weight: 83kg
    Power: AC 220V / 60 130W
    Permitted safety weight: 135kg
    Intended use: Use for medical examination and treatment in hospital
    option: Color changeable, Leg seat

    It is 3rd generation exam tables aimed at the world market on 2013. The unique feature is Simple, Low noise, Good Design by large molding, Luxury, Convenience.

  • MTS550 Breast Biopsy Table

    Width: 680mm
    Length: 1,680~1880mm
    Ascending / Descending height: 655~1055mm
    Weight: 152kg
    Power: AC 220V / 60Hz
    Permitted safety weight: 135kg
    Section adjustment method: Electric motor operation for Ascending and Descending height
    Intended use: Electric moving table for X-ray examination
    option: Applied 3 motors

    Breast Biopsy Table is assistant equipment for taking X-ray and it fix patients breast and make possible to check X-ray image while patient is on bed.

  • R1-5 Rehabilitation Stairs

  • R2-4 Bobath Table

    Width: 1200mm
    Length: 2,000mm
    Elevation range: 450~950mm
    Weight: 130kg
    Angle: 0~65
    Power: AC 220V / 60Hz
    Permitted safety weight: 150kg
    Section adjustment method: Electric motor operation
    Purpose of using: Rehabilitation exercise with physical therapist
    Main strengths: Moving wheels, Scratch-proof leather sheet
    Option: Size changeable

    Zero One M has various kinds of production lines for rehabilitation equipment like bobath tables, tilting tables and standing tables etc. We provide rehabilitation system using high quality raw materials on the basis of high level of safety.

  • R3-5 Tilting Table

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